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Frequently asked questions:

Yes, no problem. Please simply contact us via the contact form and write us your wishes. We will then try to help you within our possibilities and then make you a price proposal.

Unfortunately, since the begin of the Ukraine conflict we have only the possibility to deliver with the Russian Post. This means that the parcels come to the corresponding recipient country and are then delivered there by the local post office to the addressees.

All you have to do is send your defective watch to our watchmaker in Germany, as Vostok-Watches24 is an authorized VOSTOK dealer and service partner.

Possibly. Unfortunately, new import regulations have been in force in the EU since July 2021, according to which there is no longer a duty-free limit and, theoretically, all packages must be declared. However, the quantity of parcels is very large, so that despite everything, only random checks are carried out. The majority of the shipments still arrive at the recipient without additional duties, but it can also be the case that the shipment goes to customs. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.

Our shop Vostok-Watches24 automatically sends a purchase confirmation to the buyer after each purchase, in which the bank details for the case of payment by bank transfer are also indicated. However, it happens relatively often that these notifications end up in the buyer's spam. Please check the spam folder of your e-mail program first before you ask us. In 99.9% of all cases, the notification is located there.

Yes, this is so, since Russian manufacturers, according to Russian law, only have to provide a one-year warranty for their products. Vostok-Watches24, however, grants acc. the EU legislation provides a dealer warranty of 2 years. If you have watches that you would like to buy or have bought from another authorized dealer (also directly from Russia), we also take over the warranty services for these VOSTOK watches, but only for the warranty period of the manufacturer VOSTOK. The warranty services beyond this period up to the 2 years prescribed in the EU, we assume as part of our dealer warranty only for the watches purchased from us. For the use of warranty services after the first year up to 2 years after the purchase from another dealer, you must contact the relevant dealer.

Tracking will be notified to the buyer after the watch or clock is set. The purchased goods were packed and provided with a sticker with the address with the departure number. But this means that the departure number is not yet in the shipping company's system. This will happen only after the cargo is taken from us from TNT and inserted into the shipping company's system the next day. As a rule, it takes 1-2 days until you see the broadcast on the Internet. This is not a cause for concern .just related to how the delivery process is going. As soon as you see the delivery number on the Internet, the cargo, as a rule, has already crossed the Russian border and is on its way to Europe

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