Payment and Delivery Information

General shipping information

  • The purchased items will be shipped with the Russian Post, usually within 4-5 working days directly from Moscow. In the case of special series or modificated watches, however, this can also take longer, while these are only mounted when ordered. The shipments are on the way to most countries of the EU for about 2-4 weeks, but to the USA and more distant countries much longer. 
  • All items are sent with a shipment number (tracking number), which you will be informed of immediately after the shipment has taken place. This allows you to see where your watch is at any time immediately after shipping. 
  • Since our deliveries come from abroad, you have to reckon with the fact that customs duties and import taxes may apply. This does not necessarily have to happen, but it does happen in some cases.
  • The shipping costs for watches are €14.50 per watch order, for accessories and spare parts €10.00 to all countries worldwide. When purchasing several watches, the shipping costs increase in stages, as these are determined by the weight of the shipment. I know that's a lot of money, but please consider that we ship from Moscow. It is approx. 1800 km from Moscow to Berlin, which is a considerable distance, especially since the Russian Post cannot deliver directly at the moment due to the sanctions and has to process the delivery via various third countries. Please understand that we don't make any money here, but that this service simply has its price.
  • All watches are packed in such a way that no damage should occur during transport. Therefore, please be careful when unpacking with scissors or cutter, so as not to damage the item.

Payment methods

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