Update 2 costums export information

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Update 2 costums export information

Dear VOSTOK friends,

Unfortunately, I still have no new or good news for you about the reshipment of the returned orders. I am in contact with customs and the Russian Post and am trying to get binding information. Due to the difficult economic situation, the Russian government is making new decisions every day in order to remain in control of the situation. Unfortunately, some of these contradict themselves or are implemented with a certain amount of self-interpretation by the state bodies. In other words, it's difficult. I think, however, that we will have more clarity by the end of the week and then I can say explicitly how things will continue.
I ask you once again for a little more patience and would like to assure you once again that you will either get your orders or your money back.

Warm greetings,
Vostok Watches24.

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