Temporary suspension of deliveries from Russia abroad

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Temporary suspension of deliveries from Russia abroad

Dear friends of Russian watches Vostok, dear customers!

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that at the moment there are incomprehensible problems with the delivery of watches, spare parts and accessories from Russia abroad. Today we got over 40 packages back from the Russian Post. Customs noted on these that the contents of the shipment could not be classified as items for individual use. Whatever that means. We are in the process of contacting Russian Customs to clarify the situation. However, it is now the weekend and there is no information from a state authority, such as customs. Hopefully we'll know more on Monday. We therefore ask you for a little patience. We will keep you updated here.
Please don't worry about your orders. Either we find a way to deliver the orders or you get your money back. I personally guarantee you that.

All the best,
Vostok Watches24

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